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Rev. 6, 08/05/2014


“Super Seal® is a tremendous addition to adhesive dentistry and it takes the worry out of sensitivity. It truly acts as a desensitizer and re-wetting agent!”

        -Arthur (Tony) Tomaro, DDS, Clinical Instructor at LVI & Lecturer, Las Vegas, Nevada


“I have been using Super Seal® for post-operative root sensitivity. Patients love the instant results and (it) is very easy to use!”

         -Constantine Pavlakos, DDS, Diplomat American Board of Periodontology, Brooklyn, New York


“I have a closet full of materials for sensitivity. I was amazed to find one that works consistently!”

         -John D. Harker, DDS, Hope, Indiana


“Super Seal® is easy to apply and is extremely reliable as a desensitizer.”

         -Dennis Nagata, DDS, Honolulu, Hawaii


“A desensitizer that really works and is kind to soft tissue!”

           -Brian Sholder, DDS, Beverly Hills, California


“Sensitive patient arrives in tears, use Super Seal® before crown cementation, ‘That’s miracle stuff!’ says the patient.”

           -Warren R. Rensner, DDS, General Dentist


“Super Seal® has consistently decreased sensitivity without affecting the bond.

           -Rhys Spoor, DDS, Seattle, Washington


“Great product! Use it under everything!”

           -Steve Bader, DMD, Peabody, Massachusetts


“Super Seal® is an excellent desensitizer that is effective under both direct and indirect restorations.” Dentistry Today, Nov. 2000, First Impressions

           -George Freedman, DDS, FAACD, ABAD, Markham, Ontario


“Super Seal® is “SUPER” in decreasing sensitivity.”

           -Robert C. Margeas, DDS, Des Moines, Iowa


“What a pleasant surprise Super Seal has provided our patients. It is fast and easy to apply, but provides immediate results. Thanks for a great product.”

           -Carol A. Himmel, RDH, Springfield, Illinois


“I truly enjoy using your product. The results are so predictable that I can confidently tell my patients that there will be no sensitivity.”

           -Charles Foy Jr., DDS, Madisonville, Louisiana


“Once again Phoenix has created a superior product. We love Super Seal and we love DiscoveRED!”

           -Michale Lead assistant, Fetzik Dentistry, Wichita, Kansas


“I like new products, but I also value and respect those that are tried-and-true. One product that falls into the latter category is Super Seal ® from Phoenix Dental Inc. I use this wonderful dental desensitizer often.”

           -Howard Glazer DDS, Fort Lee, NJ.

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